Profit from the Internet with world’s solutions

Profit from the Internet with world’s solutions

Profit from the Internet

you can now earn enough money of being a part of world’s solutions (only if you have a google adsense account)
you can start with writing topics and articles.
we have the highest ratio among the other sites .
the ratio is : 80% for you (partner) and 20% for the site owners .
if you have the experience of writing and wording news and articles …. why don’t you join us ?!!
don’t let it go and join us now by starting to write and earn .

Profit from the Internet with world's solutions

Profit from the Internet with world’s solutions

- Service Definition -

-our service allows the writer (partner) to show his google adsense ads into our site with the mentioned ratio .
then he ‘ll be able to earn easily .
all you need is a google adsense account (for content) and enter your publisher id

example : pub-1234567891234567 in the space in your account. in world’s solutions
Once you have an article in world’s solutions the earnings will start .

The earning stage ith world’s solutions

1- you must have a google adsense account (for content)
2- entering the pub id into the space
3- start writing topics and articles.
4- we start archiving your topics and articles in the search engines
5- the ads starts to appear with mentioned ratio .

The rules of world’s solutions

1- you have to be excellent in English .
2- all topics & articles must be exclusive on our website ( The most important condition )
3- you must write with your special and exclusive style ( about news : it should be in a diffrent formula of other sites )
4- in the situation of writing about an event already write about you must have an addition
to avoid repetition )
5- your content should contain at least 100 words with normal font size .
6- the images topic should start with the writing content then the images ” at least 6 images ”
7- video topics should start with te writing content then the video ( via youtube ) in addition to 6 Lines of writing .
8- news topics ” you must be sure that it’s correct ” then you have to put it in an exclusive professional formula .
9- all your topics should contains the following

1- A suitable title
2- Prominent image for the topic
3- Choose the appropriate classification
4- Know the SEO and how to use it to have a good content visit :
5- Must comply with the standards of writing visit :
6- Must comply with the rules of google visit :
7- before you start writing have a tour in the site to know about classification
8- avoid the writing mistakes
9- The use of coordination ( Fader2 – Fader3 ) as subtitles
10- use an exclusive images without any watermark and it’s prefered to upload them here ” ” first .
11- use the watermark of world’s solutions .
12- it’s prefered to use the tags in our site ( from 2 to 6 tags )
13- we refuse any movable topics via other websites .
14- the topics of excitement and suspense and sexual videos or images .
15- Titles misguided visitors
16- topics with advs for other websites .
17- topics with links for (programs,games .. etc) or ads blocking .
18- Violent videos for injured people or car accidents .

the partners have to Cooperate wit each others and avoid mistakes
never break the rules … any update or news will be posted into the facebook group
breaking rules may end your work with us .

Join us now

send to email :

Name :
Mail :
Country :

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