Top 10 Greatest Shakespeare Plays

Top 10 Greatest Shakespeare Plays

Shakespeare is known to be a famous writer and playwright. He wrote many plays that turned into movies. In addition to, his plays are translated by many writers to different languages. His works are written in the 16th century which having relevance to modern community. One can mention the ten greatest plays that are written by him. The top ten greatest plays of Shakespeare are as the following:


  • Othello


It is a tragedy play which has several themes such as love, racism, jealousy and betrayal. This play focuses on the passion of its protagonist. It hasn’t any sense of humor; however it is regarded as one of the greatest tragedies of Shakespeare.  It combines the power of suspicion and jealousy.


  • “The Taming of the Shrew”


This play is written by Shakespeare1594. It is about the aggressive behavior toward women. It talks about the social injustice. Moreover, this play is presented many times in Opera and theaters as well.


  • “Macbeth”.


It is the only play that is presented in Scotland. In this play, one can see Macbeth’s conspire with evil forces that in turn can generate fear, sense of guilty. Also, he thinks that guilt is only the sense of fear. Some critics think that Shakespeare wrote this play to glorify the ancestry of King James.


  • “Hamlet”


It is regarded as the longest play ever in Shakespeare history. In addition to, one can see that it is most powerful as well as influential tragedies in the English literature. This play wrote in 1599 and occurred in Denmark.  It is a combination of real and fiction. It moved from grief to seething rage. Many themes are presented in this play such as theme of revenge, and moral corruption.


  • “Julius Caesar”.


It is written in 1599. In this play, Shakespeare reflected the climate of anxiety in England due to the succession of leadership.In addition to,the play of “Julius Caesar” is written according to historical events of the conspiracy against Julius Caesar who is the Roman leader. This conspiracy is resulted in the civil war that ended with his death.


  • “Romeo and Julie”


It is one of the famous plays during Shakespeare’s life. It is a combination of romance and tragedy.  It receives many reviews due to its affective language and dramatic effect as well.


  • “Henry V”.


This play is composed to imitate the life of King Henry V of England. It is written in 1955. Shakespeare in this play highlights events that occurred before and after Hundred Year’s war.


  • “Midsummer Night’s Dream”

It is regarded as one of Shakespeare’s most famous works during his age.  Some people think that this play is regarded as a romantic entertainment that accompanies the event of marriage celebration. It is a romantic play because its events are about two lovers who fall in love in a ridiculously and comically short period of time.It spreads widely across the globe.


Top 10 Greatest Shakespeare Plays

Top 10 Greatest Shakespeare Plays

  • “Richard III”


This play is last installment in a series of history plays that are called the “first tetralogy” This play is written in 1591. It is where Shakespeare describes the life during the period of King Richard III of England role.


  • “Twelfth Night or What You Will”


It is a comic play. Shakespeare named this play after the Twelfth Night vacation of the Christmas that focuses on mistaken identity. The paly goes around a girl who loves poetry and later finds herself at the center of a love circle. Today, this story is named “Transvestite Comedy”.

Meanwhile, the heritage of Shakespeare’s language is noticed in his plays.  It is observed that many of his sayings are used in modern English.  He died in 1616 and had known to write a remarkable plays. So one can think that Shakespeare enjoys and led a successful career as being a playwright and actor as well. His plays are collected and published in 1623 in order to preserve for upcoming generations. Today, many people around the world continue to read his plays that teach them a high range of values.

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