science: Samsung ordered to pay Apple $120 billion in damages for patent breaches | world's solutions

science: Samsung ordered to pay Apple $120 billion in damages for patent breaches

science: Samsung ordered to pay Apple $120 billion in damages for patent breaches

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The jury has ordered Samsung Company to pay the damage caused to Apple Inc in order to settle the case relating to smart phone patent. In California on Friday, the federal court jury found out that Samsung had violated the copyrights of apple therefore Samsung has been ordered by the jury to pay back US$ 119.6 million as damage caused to apple. This amount of money is only a fraction of the amount claimed by Apple in Silicon Valley High Stakes case.
In the counterclaims by Samsung, the jury found some credibility and gave a verdict that apple has to pay US$ 158,400 as damages. The outcome of this verdict was much different from trial verdict of 2012 made in the same court. Apple has always been a winner in such cases but this time Samsungs seems to overcome in certain areas.
Samsung ordered to pay Apple $120 million

Samsung ordered to pay Apple $120 million

Samsung ordered to pay Apple $120 million

The lawyers of Apple claimed that South Korean Electronics Company, Samsung has copied some of the iphone features for which they are bound to pay more than US$ 2 billion as damage. In answer to this the lawyers of Samsung claimed that this is not a copy of iphone features instead it is a Google made software used to power smart phones and a continuation of ‘holy war’ apple launched on android software.
Apple had targeted over half a dozen Samsung devices including galaxy line smart phones and galaxy 2 tablets. After complete discussion and consideration of three days, the verdict which came on Friday was finalized. The patent trial started in April in which they found that the so-called copied patents of Apple include the retrieving data, the automatic correction of words, unlocking the touch screen with slight gestures etc.
On the other hand Samsung also claimed that Apple had violated their patents correlated to storing digital images, camera and transmitting digital video. Brian Love, a law professor, at the Santa Clara University studied the case thoroughly and claimed that the result of this case is by no means a success for Apple Inc. He said that the amount claimed by apple is nearly less than 90 %. He also said that the amount almost equals the amount spent by Apple for litigating the case. Some years ago this litigation campaign was started by Apple Inc in order to slow down the dramatic rise of smart phones powered by the Android software. Apple has not been successful so far & not even closer in this case verdict.
This is not the first time that apple has sued Samsung for copying its features. Back in August 2012 another jury ruled that Samsung has to pay US$1.049 billion to Apple as damages for copying its iphone and ipad features. This was one of the biggest cases dealing with copy rights.
However the verdict of copying apple iphone features in Samsung galaxy smart phones and galaxy 2 tablets is the latest in intellectual property wars between these two top brands.

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