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How to be friends for our children

How to be friends for our children

How to be friends for our children ?

Education and dealing with young people is not easy or simple , a child is a separate entity , it is possible refine and modify his behavior , he is like a tree, a private entity and the roots will not change , but gained through genetics, and can make adjustments to the factors surrounding environment , namely: family, school and the outside community , and this external factors refines roots and foul for children .

It is through play can the child in the early stages, the acquisition of skills multiple

, especially in the early stages first age , at this stage, leading the mother ‘s or father’s gesture for the happiness of the child and skills development aid and to identify the oceans , and the formation of expertise , but we note the independent personality of the child and that grow with time. The importance of integration with the child since the initial stages , to overcome the difficulties of friendship with the configuration of the Child , which become increasingly complex over time until the child reaches adolescence , and trying to prove itself and its independence .


The child from the start looking at you that you are a role model to him , you must keep in mind that notoriously good for all your actions , so honest is very important in these conditions until you get confidence , it is important to set limits for dealing with child basis of respect and affection , mutual Being friendly to him while maintaining your place as a mother.

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