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Three useful tips for weight loss

 Three useful tips for weight loss

We offer you the advice to cut calories and lose weight quickly ; to lose weight need to cut 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound ( 450 grams ) This means that to lose 500 calories per day is equal to the loss of one pound per week.
Tip 1 .
Reduce carbohydrates quotas for Nsfinsah eating half the amount of bread or rice or pasta in addition to vegetables , and ch

oose whole grains , which contain more fiber that helps you feel full .
Tip 2 .
Take power every day meal Gdatnol a large amount of power contain a lot of fiber – rich vegetables and topped with fat – free protein : such as chicken or grilled salmon or tofu .
Tip 3 .
Eat every 3 or 4 Saatand a cut calories is important distribution between meals so you do not feel hungry . I find that eating a meal or snack every few hours keeps hunger under control. As a good option : an apple and a handful of almonds or some raw vegetables with a few tablespoons of hummus

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