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Pomegranate juice reduces the risk of heart disease

Pomegranate juice reduces the risk of heart disease pomegranate

Of fruits blood cleanser and detergent airways

And cures indigestion

The researchers say that the man who drank at least half a cup

Of pomegranate juice a day reduces the chances of becoming thrombosis.

Arteries or heart disease , because it lowers the level of

Harmful cholesterol in the body, and raises the level of cholesterol

Useful as the pomegranate heart tonic and astringent worm repellent bar handles

, Dysentery struggling pomegranate neurasthenic and struggling tumors in the mucous membranes .

To treat cases of high fever and chronic diarrhea

Headaches and impaired vision – to expel intestinal worms and treatment

Hemorrhoids – troubles of the nose and to activate the nerves and cases

Fatigue taken pomegranate drops of water and mix with a spoon of

Honey and then placed in the nose healed and that drinking juice

Pomegranate with honey benefit nerves and fatigue.

The pomegranate juice excellent Digest properties

The high proportion of the organic acids , especially for

To digest fat , and this also helps in the prevention of

Gout and prevent the formation of kidney stones . So using

Add to food large intestine helps , digested

And to rid the intestines of them

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