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Chandelier 18 Sia Songs You’ll Love More

Right next to Linda Perry and Skylar Grey, one of my favourite singer-songwriters is the wonderfully quirky Sia. So you should know that I was first in line at Starbucks the morning her new album hit shelves. Right behind and in front of virtually no one, which made me more or less as excited as I thought the rest of the world would be at the release of an album as glorious as 1000 Forms Of Fear.

I think it goes without saying that this woman deserves more credit than she’s received in the past decade. While many non-Sia fans know next to nothing about her songwriting track record, pre-”Titanium,” I must inform you that she was a star well into the release of her breakout album, Colour The Small One, back in 2004. So whether you’ve heard of her or not, allow me to fanboy over the beautiful contributions this woman has blessed this planet with, and excuse me if I get a little dewy-eyed in the process.


P.S., You may experience an uncontrollable urge to pinch the jerk who made her cry so many times after listening to these songs.

1. Breathe Me


This was the one song that officially made Sia a poetic force to be reckoned with.

2. Don’t Bring Me Down


The instrumentals do it for me every time I hear this one, but those lyrics are what completely blew me away.

3. Moon

One of the most romantic songs I’ve heard by this woman, so cryptically incredible.

4. Little Black Sandals

I’m convinced Sia is a magical Harry Potter sorceress of some kind. How else does a song leave one so spellbound until the end?

5. Beautiful Calm Driving

“You’re a stranger to me/ You’re a danger to me.” Can she just stop being so damn good at this! (Just kidding, don’t stop!!!)

6. Big Girls Cry


Coincidentally, this song counters Fergie‘s version (“Big Girls Don’t Cry”) but with a softer, more justified explanation. Both sound great, but I love Sia’s angle more!

7. Fire Meet Gasoline


She’s most in her prime when she’s vulnerable, and this song proves what great material this woman can create when she is. And let us not forget about the song’s powerful metaphor.

8. I’m In Here


I’m here for you, girl! I will rescue you and give you the biggest, softest Care Bear hug ever!

9. Cloud


That vibrato is EVERYTHING!!

10. You’ve Changed


Glad to see she can switch things up and give us a great song to dance to!

11. Soon We’ll Be Found

Such a creative video concept, you’ll love listening to this one all the time!

12. Pictures


Sia should start her own closure rehabilitation center or something, I’d gladly check in.

13. Rewrite


If you ever needed a song to inspire your poetry writing, look no further.

14. Sunday


You’ll never look at Sunday the same way again after hearing this one, people.

15. Death By Chocolate


Just acknowledge the cleverness of the title before you dive into this soulful serenade.

16. Eye of the Needle

I’m loving the fact that mainstream success hasn’t hindered her lyrical talents because this one is effing brilliant. Brava!

17. Butterflies


Oh, don’t mind Sia and I you guys. We’re just trying to piece together what’s left of our broken hearts together. Totally normal.

18. My Love


Chances are you’re still trying to get over that whole Twilight era, but we simply couldn’t forget about one of the best songs to come out of the film-adapted saga.

Like this? Want more? Tell us who you want us to do next in the comments!

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